Multi Agency Working

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Multi agency working.

Multi agency working means bringing practitioners from different sectors together to provide support for children, young people and families. This means children and young people who need additional support will have the right professionals to give the support in an efficient way.

Agencies involved in multi agency working are:

* Health visitors, professionals in this role will asses the health needs of people and offer help and advice.

* Speech and language therapists, their role is to work closely with people who have speech, language and communication problems and design treatment plans to help them develop in this area.

* Occupational therapists, they will help people who face everyday challenges due to mental, physical or social disabilities.

* Physiotherapists, professionals in the sector will work with patients to identify and improve their physical difficulties.

* Social workers, they work with people who need their support and can offer advice, making sure people are living a healthy lifestyle.

* Child psychotherapists, these professionals offer treatment to children and adolescents with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

And many more.

Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

This is the framework which is used in the UK to assess the additional needs of children and decide how those needs should be met.

How to make a referral.

There are 4 stages to a CAF referral, firstly to identify what additional needs the child or young person may have as early as possible, secondly assess those needs using the CAF, then work together with other professionals to give support, lastly review the actions that have been taken to give additional support, and seek out any further actions that need to be carried out and support the child/ren in their transitions.

Barriers within multi agency working.

* Common barriers you may come across are professionals from different sectors not...
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