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Ryan Moran

Tragic events in life can cause people to change forever. Author Jhumpa Lahiri wrote an excellent story in the book, “A Temporary Matter”, that describes how a tragic event impacted the lives of a young couple. Shukumar and Shoba were enjoying their lives together as they were anticipating the birth of their first child. They were looking forward to going through the process of parenthood with their first baby, “He imagined a day when he and Shoba might need to buy a station wagon of their own, to cart their children back and forth from music lessons and dentist appointments.”(3) They loved each other very much and wanted to spend as much of their time with each other as they could. When their child was stillborn their entire world were turned upside down. The author made it easy to relate to the characters by describing how they were thinking and feeling; and how they each changed their behavior in their owns ways in order to cope with their loss. In some ways the characters acted alike and in other ways they acted very differently. Many people if not all, don’t know how to respond or act when they experience a painful tragedy.

All humans share common feelings when dealing with a tragedy. Shoba and Shukumar both felt a great sense of loss and sadness. They were broken down from the tragic event, it started to affect their relationship drastically, they were avoiding each other and not talking as much. Both of them were too scared to talk about the tragic loss of their first child, so as a result they just kept to themselves. “They had become experts at avoiding each other in their three-bedroom house, spending as much time on separate floors as possible.” (4)Their relationship becomes very distant and dull after they leave the hospital. They didn’t know how to react to the situation, they were planning for the best, but not expecting the worst.

Everyone has to find their own way to deal with tragedy. After the tragedy Shoba began to...

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