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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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“There is room enough for everyone”
“You will never bring your family honor!” Mulan receives this comment from the matchmaker when she goes into town. Not a lot of people have faith in Mulan. She is different from all of the other woman in her country. She just likes to have fun and not care what anyone says about her. She is not your typical girly-girl, she likes to get down and dirty when she needs to be. None of the women or men agrees with this and it becomes a bigger problem than expected. Although Mulan is only a young adult her authorities, such as her family, the society, and herself, find a way to challenge her. Some are easier to tell than others. For instance, her family wants her to be the best she can be, the society does not want to be ashamed of her and by her actions, also she has challenged herself by always slacking off, not caring, and not forcing herself to become a better person. In the movie, “Mulan,” the question of gender roles is very prominent throughout the whole movie. Women are always looked down upon. There have always been rules such as only a man can do this or only a woman can do that. Mulan is a young adult who has just started to grasp these little concepts. She has been misunderstood and mistreated by her family and her village. They do not agree with everything that Mulan does and it irritates them as well as Mulan. They do not think it’s right that she does not want to do what the only girls are doing. As soon as Mulan joins the army you notice she becomes more mature compared to how she acted at home. Also, she is more confident in herself and she knows now that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Towards the end of the movie Mulan shows her country that a girl is able to do anything a guy can do. A girl can be just as strong as a guy. Also, a girl can accomplish just as much as a guy can and even more sometimes. Lastly, Mulan figures out right from wrong. She did the wrong thing by joining the army,...
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