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'The night journey' was a miraculous journey that Muhammad had with the arch Angel Jibril in which he was taught the ritual of the five daily prayers. The angel Jibril took Muhammad through the air from Mecca to Jerusalem and then from 'the Dome of the Rock mosque' he made the ascension into heaven and to God. The Ka’ba is a central shrine of Gods and housed 360 idols of tribal patron Gods. It was also the site of great annual pilgrimage and fair and is therefore very significant for Muslims. Mecca was considered a sacred city and a site of great religious significance due to the presence of the Ka’ba. Mecca was very important to Muhammad as it was here that he did his first thirteen years if preaching (The Meccan period). He also became the Messenger of God by Angel Gabriel on ‘The Night of Destiny’ (none)

Muhammad is called the ‘Messenger of God’ because Allah revealed and disclosed information through Angel Gabriel to him. In 610 he had his first revelation on Mount Hira which was the vision of the angel Gabriel that came from Allah with instruction that he would be a prophet and messenger of God. With this revelation, Muhammad saw himself as a divinely inspired messenger of God following in the line of the great prophets of Judaism. In 613 he had a second revelation from Gabriel and Muhammad proclaimed that the Qur’an or Koran was the last book of God and that he was the last prophet Sunna is All the traditions and practices of Muhammad that have become models to be followed by Muslims; the religious practices, morals and normal lifestyle of the Prophet that became a unifying bond for all parts of the Islamic umma.

Muhammad is the model for Muslims because Muhammad taught that submission to Allah was a religion for everyone, not just special people. He presented equality of race and gender. Islam should maintain God's equilibrium between the body and the soul, supporting a full enjoyment of all the good that God has created and at the same time fulfilling...
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