Muhammad Ali

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21 March 2012
Muhammad Ali
The greatest boxer to have ever lived, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., was born a great man with a passion for the sport of boxing. Through all of his struggles in life, he had to find a way to solve them without much confrontation. At the time when Ali was growing up nobody could really help him as he set out on his own. Boxing was his passion and always would be. Throughout Ali’s entire life, he had to focus on how to serve a purpose but not just by boxing, but also by teaching people to do the right thing.

Muhammad Ali was born on the 17 of January in the year 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Ali grew up living a rough life and learning the hard way how society really was. He grew up in the south when it was going through one of its toughest times when segregation was a serious problem. The first time he became irritated was when he was a young, twelve year old boy who had his bike stolen. He mentioned that if he had caught the man who stole his bike he would kick his tail. That is when he met a cop by the name of Joe Martin who later in life would also become his initial first boxing trainer. After being in several fights as a young man, Ali came out very strong. He won his first fight by a split decision and soon after that he won his first tournament he boxed in. As he became more of an experienced boxer, he took his once dreams and pursued them by traveling all over the world to test his skills against some of the toughest boxers in the world. Ali became so good that he had made the Olympic boxing team. Ali was a very tough, young star. The team traveled to Rome where he had to face three fighters and win all three matches in order to advance to the championship round. Ali did so, and then he faced the greatest challenge yet in order to win the gold medal. Ali had shocked the world going Buzzard 2

undefeated and winning against the top notch contender from Poland. Ali claimed his gold medal with much pride and joy. After the team returned back to the United States, Ali parted ways and began to box in huge matches. One of his so called “comeback” matches was against George Foreman. That’s right, when George Foreman was a young man, he wasn’t flipping burgers on his small grill, he was one of the most bad men on the planet. This fight was not anywhere near the United States. It was fought in Kinshasa, Zaire.( This Challenge for Ali was by far the toughest task yet. It was mainly for bragging rights, in which the winner was going to be named the heavy weight champion of the world. Ali stacked up against Foreman as an underdog because he looked like a puny little boy compared to the massive George Foreman. To all of his critics, Ali once again shocked the world by winning this match and was named the heavy weight champion of the world. The next big fight that Ali trained for was in the year of 1975 “Thrilla in Manilla”, which took place in Quezon City, Philippines. Joe Frazier was his opponent that day and both of the men were about of equal size. The line card was about even and the fight could have easily went Frazier’s way. But once again, Ali became victorious after fourteen brutally fought rounds. (

Buzzard 3
“Thrilla in Manila: Left to Right: Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali”

“Rumble in the Jungle: Left to Right: George Foreman, Muhammad Ali”
Long before Muhammad Ali, there was a boxer by the name of Jack Johnson. Johnson was said to be one of the best heavy weight fighters of all time. But as he became so good, people began to look at him in a different way. Johnson started off his boxing career very strong winning almost every match. He won his first fight against a negro opponent and the next match when he beat a white man, the fans soon looked at him in anger. This was the early stage of...
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