Muhammad Al-Fateh Is the Conqueror of Constantinople

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Muhammad Al-Fateh is the Conqueror of Constantinople
So how to become perfectionists:
1- By having a goal in life.
2- A strong willpower.
3- Patience.
4- Knowledge and expertise, or seeking the assistance of the experts.

These, if you noticed, are the same elements of positiveness. If you find these 4 elements in you, perfection will come automatically.

I will relate to you the story of a person who had all those elements, and the result was an excellent and astounding work! This man is Muhammad Al-Fateh (Muhammad the Conqueror). I told you his story before, but very briefly. Now I will tell it in detail:

Muhammad Al-Fateh is the Conqueror of Constantinople, but let me first tell you about this city.

Constantinople is a city connecting the Mediterranean with the Black Sea, and Asia with Europe. It was considered the best global trade center in the medieval ages. About it Napoleon said: “If the world was one kingdom, there will be no better city befitting to be its capital than Constantinople”. The Romans were controlling it, and they led the whole world. Muslims tried to conquer it since the days of our master Ali Bin Abi-Talib (for over 800 years!), but in vain.

This was because of its fortified fortresses:
1- A moat outside the city walls, with a depth of 10 meters, and a width of 60 meters! 2- It had two fortified walls: the outer wall was 25 feet high, and 10 meters thick! 3- The inner wall was 40 feet high, and 15 meters thick, and it had guarding towers which were 60 meters high! 4- The city was triangular in shape, two sides directly overlooked the sea and the third was fortified by all those walls. 5- 400 battalions protected those walls.

The reason Muslims wanted to conquer that city was not only because it was strategically important, but also because of this Haddith

- The Prophet Peace Be Upon Him also said: “Verily, Constantinople shall be conquered, its commander shall be the best commander ever and his army shall be the best army ever”.

The Muslims tried to conquer the city for over 800 years, through 10 attempts. The first by our master Othman Bin Affan, the second and third by Moawia Bin Abi Sufian, the fourth by Sulaiman Bin Abdul-Malik and the fifth by Haroun Al-Rashid.

There were also several other attempts, the most famous one was the one in which all the senior Companions took part, such as Abu Ayub Al-Ansari, Abdullah Bin Omar and Abdullah Bin Abbas. In that attempt they besieged the city for 7 years! During that attempt Abu Ayub Al-Ansari died and made the request to be buried at the closest point to Constantinople, in the hope that when he meets the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him on the Day of Judgment, he could tell him that he was buried at the closest point to Constantinople ever reached at that time. Just so that the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him may consider him one of the forgiven army! Can you imagine how that dream took hold of them at the time?

Until Muhammad Al-Fateh was born. When he was ten years old, his teacher instilled that dream in him. In his childhood, he used to be too playful and carefree, and being the son of the King, he did not feel any sense of responsibility . So his teacher once beat him strongly and told him: 'Be a man!'... 'Not being a man' hurt Muhammad and he straightened up at those words! Later, he memorized the Holy Qur’an completely. He mastered 5 languages; Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Latin and old Greek. He also studied; Astronomy, Geography and History. Then his teacher told him the Hadith of the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him which says :" Verily, Constantinople shall be conquered, its commander shall be the best commander ever and his army shall be the best army ever”.

He (the teacher) also told him that he thinks that he (Muhammad) will be that commander. The teacher did not know that then, but he instilled the dream in Muhammad.

Here are the elements forming inside him:
1- The goal.
2- The knowledge and...
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