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Muffins are Popular
Muffins were developed in the United States of America in the 18th century and have been eaten all over the world ever since. Muffins are easy to make; they are made in most bakery and are sold in most supermarkets. Muffins are can have a variety of flavours and toppings. This article will discuss why muffins may be unhealthy and how they can be made healthy. This paragraph will look at how muffins may be unhealthy. The basic ingredients for muffins are flour, butter, eggs, baking powder and sugar. The same ingredients are used to make a basic cake. Muffins are essentially cake in disguise; muffins therefore contain a lot of sugar and fat. The number of calories in muffins ranges from 350-550 with almost half of these calories coming from fat. The flour used in muffins is usually white flour or white refined flour; these types of flour have been stripped of almost all their nutritional value, resulting in it containing nearly no fibre. When white flour, white refined flour or sugar (all ingredients in muffins) are consumed, the body rapidly breaks it down into glucose, which rushes into the bloodstream and travels to the cells far too quickly. This is what is known as the “sugar rush”. In a panic, the pancreas dumps excess insulin into the bloodstream, rushing to the cell receptors to help them convert the overload of sugar, which it partially does, but soon after the blood sugar plummets again. At this point, most people will crave sweets or bread or cereal and of course this spikes the blood sugar (glucose) back up and the pancreas dumps more insulin into the bloodstream and the cycle continues. Sugar in the muffin also temporarily raises the level of certain neurotransmitters including dopamine and serotonin as well as increasing calcium excretion. The butter in muffins also causes problems when referring to the nutritional content of the muffin as it is extremely high in saturated fat. The consumption of too much saturated fat causes high...
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