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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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task A

1)good morning to everyone
2)a very good morning i wish to all examiners and candidates

repeat situation
1)today we're talking about..
2)the situation i have been given is..
3)according to the situation..
4)Based on the situation given..

state the point given
1)my point is_____ so to elobrate i would like to discuss 3 reasons 2)there are 3 reasons to support my point..

to explain and give example
1)firstly i think that....this is because.. moreover.. for example  2)secondly another reason is.... in addition.. for instance... 3)finally... in my opinion...furthermore... the good example is..

1)in conclusion this is the best point because..
2)to conclude , i still agree that..
3) in a nutshell i feel that..
4)in short my idea is the best because..

1) i agree with you.
2)that's a great idea!
3)i like your suggestion
5)i concur with your point of view.
1)i'm sorry but i disagree
2)i'm afraid i have to disagree with your idea
3)i beg to differ
4)that's not a good suggestion
1)excuse me, may i interrupt please?
2)i'd like to add something please?
3)may i say something?
4)could you please hear me out?
5)pardon me but could i add something please?
1)so what do you think candidate x?
2)how about your point of view ?
3)candidate  x would you like to give us your opinion?
4)why don't we consider other point?
5) i dont understand can you please repeat
1)in conclusion , all of us agree that..
2)to conclude , most of us agree that..
3)in a nutshell some of us agree that..while some of us prefer.. 4) as time is running out,it seems that all of us can't agree which options is the best because each point has many advantages and disadvantages..
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