Topics: Education, Sustainability, Natural environment Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: January 8, 2013
This module provides examples of ways that learning outside the classroom can be used to facilitate Education for Sustainable Development. This includes short visits into the school grounds and local community, as well as visits to farms, factories, offices, neighbourhood science centres and natural settings such as a forest, a beach or a national park. Providing students with high quality learning activities in relevant situations beyond the walls of the classroom is vital for helping students appreciate their first hand experiences from a variety of different perspectives. Experiences outside the classroom also enhances learning by providing students with opportunities to practice skills of enquiry, values analysis and clarification and problem solving in everyday situations. However, taking students outside the classroom requires careful planning of the learning activities and attention to the health and safety risks that might be faced. This module provides guidance on these aspects of planning for learning outside the classroom. OBJECTIVES

* To develop an awareness of the positive impact that experiences outside the classroom can have on Education for Sustainable Development; * To develop an understanding of the planning, organisation and risk management required for teaching and learning outside the classroom; and * To identify appropriate strategies for teaching and learning outside the classroom. ACTIVITIES

1. Learning in the local area
2. Approaches to learning outside the classroom
3. Planning for learning outside the classroom
4. Risk management
5. Reflection
_____ (2000) Focus on Fieldwork: Special Issue, Teaching Geography, 25(2). Department for Education and Employment (1998) Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits, HMSO, London. Department for Education and Skills (2006) Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, Learning Outside the Classroom. Department for Education and Skills &...
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