Much Ado About Nothing Play Review

Topics: William Shakespeare, Love, Much Ado About Nothing Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: March 22, 2008
Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare at The Ritz Theatre Company

1)There is “much ado” and plenty more laughter when you see Much Ado About Nothing. 2)Much Ado About Nothing is a story about two very different pairs of lovers. The main plot revolves around the obstacles to join Claudio and Hero together. The witty teasing and mockery between the “secret lovers”, Beatrice and Benedick, is the best part of the play. Although they make fun of one another, they soon realize that they’re in love and cannot be apart. 3)I liked a lot of things about this show. I loved that it made me laugh and that the jokes were funny, not corny. I think they did a good job with the set. It was very simple, yet it complimented every scene perfectly. Scene changes were great because they were all done in character. My favorite part was when they did the little comical bits in the background. Sometimes they’d juggle, make faces, fall off chairs, wipe their hands on each other when someone spit in their face, and they’d hold their noses if someone smelled. These little things can help our characters in Step on a Crack a lot. 4)I thought the production was a little too long. If a show is too long, it’s ruined, no matter how magnificent it may be. Through the beginning I was fine, and all my attention was focused on the show. About an hour into it, I started getting antsy and tired, so I kept fidgeting in my seat. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re sitting for so long. If they had had an intermission, I would’ve felt a lot better and I would’ve enjoyed the show more. 5)My favorite actor in this show was Nicholas Muni. Nicholas Muni played the outrageously comical Claudio. He kept me laughing throughout the whole show. He made very distinct facial expression, and he gave his character great movement. From the moment he came on stage I could tell he was Claudio because he had his eyes fixated on Hero. His clumsy actions (like falling off the bench) were...
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