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Learning Outcomes

You should be able to:

• Demonstrate theoretical and applied knowledge of the use of contemporary benchmarking standards and how these may inform a repositioning of the organisation to its stakeholders. • Demonstrate critical analysis of the development in international management standards from a procedural to process based approach to management and the importance of this in sustaining quality goods and services. • Justify the recommendation of techniques through which an organisation may achieve measured business excellence.

Assignment Description

This assignment comprises 50% of your total marks for this module.

You are required to write a 2000 word essay on any ONE of the following topics below:

i. Discuss how Deming’s 14 Points can be applied to an academic environment. How can learning and classroom performance be improved by applying Deming’s philosophy?

ii. Discuss how either good or poor quality affects you personally as a consumer. For instance, describe experiences in which your expectations were met, exceeded, or not met when you purchased good and services. Did your experience change your regards for the company and / or its product? How?

iii. Why do you think that many firms fail to recognise the importance of customers until they are faced with a crisis?

Specification of Assignment:

1. You are required to choose an appropriate essay format for the topic chosen. (Essay formats such as Argumentative, Discussion and etc)

2. You should have a minimum of 6 references to substantiate your research and essay writing. You are REQUIRED to use Harvard referencing methods for this assignment.

3. The essay should be well-structured and the use of proper paragraphs for topic separation is encouraged.

4. The essay must adhere to standard academic documentation standards:

▪ Font Type: Times New Roman
▪ Font Size: 12 pts
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