Mtv's 16 and Pregnant Benefits

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Mother Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: March 18, 2012
MTV’s 16 and pregnant with Dr.Drew

16 and pregnant is a show that airs on MTV every week. It shows the emotional journey of pregnant 16 year olds from the doctor’s appointments to fights with the baby’s daddies. Dr.Drew helps the world get an eye opening look into the real issues of being a teen parent. The show normally starts out in the girls last two months of the pregnancy. The viewers get to take the emotional ride with the girl. The mothers are forced to make huge decisions about whether or not to pursue school or drop out. Where they’re going to live and how they plan to pay for the baby. It really pulls at the views heart strings as they get to watch the young mothers dreams shatter. Dr. Drew shows all the options that come when expecting a child. They explore options with adoption, abortion, and keeping the baby. Interviews are done with the pregnant girl’s parents, the father’s parents, and many friends. It shows every aspect of this challenge. Sometimes the girls have a real good support system with the baby’s dad and family. Other times they have no place to live, no one to turn to, and no way to pay for the baby. It’s very sad to see young girls dealing with this. Tempers flare, words are said, and a lot of tears are cried. At the end of every show the young girl is alone with the camera talking about what she wished she would have done. Most times it’s had safe sex or not at all. Never believed so and so really loved her and how she wished she never disappointed her parents. All the while this show is going it gives web addresses where young people can go to explore their options on birth control and how to prevent teen pregnancy. I feel this show helps prove to young adults that this can happen to them. It educates everyone on how hard being a pregnant teen is. How much they give up and the burdens they deal with. Dr Drew is trying to be heard and trying to help teenagers realize that this is a real problem that they do not want to face....
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