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Topics: Strategic management, MTR, Rail transport Pages: 11 (3186 words) Published: June 12, 2011
SWOT Analysis of MTR Corporation Hong Kong
Executive Summary
Transportation has played a part in human beings affairs over the years. It gave man a change to travel to different places. Transportation also provided man with the capability to transfer his/her goods, products, materials and belongings from one place to another without experiencing many difficulties. There are many kinds of transportation one of which is the modern railways. A company engaging in railway systems is MTR Corporation. The paper conducted a strategic analysis of the MTR Corporation and its strategic position. The paper performed a SWOT analysis of the company. The paper Identified options for the future development of the organization. The paper evaluated the merits of potential future strategies. The paper also recommended courses of actions that will be implemented by the organization. The findings of the paper state that the company has two strategic options. One is resource led and the other is market led. Among the two options the market led strategic option is more desirable for the company. The paper found out that MTRC’s market led strategic option to increase its railway systems will help in accommodating the needs of the increasing number of tourists and residents of Hong Kong. This option will help the company to maintain its good image in the industry. This option will give the company additional income. The strategic option to increase the railway system will also assist in maintaining the minimal incidents of traffic jams in the region. The market led strategic option has its limitation. . The main limitation of MTRC’s market led strategic option to increase its railway systems’ is the decreasing space allowable to create more railway systems. Executive summary

Table of Contents
1.    Introduction
2.    Brief for the case object
3.    Strategic Analysis
* SWOT analysis
* Strategic Formulation
* Strategic option
* Evaluating Strategic Options
* Strategic Implementation
4.    Conclusion
5.    References
 One of the distinct features of the strategy concept is the effort devoted to planning and control, so that all activities of an organization can and will work toward a common set of objectives against which their performance can be measured (Drejer 2002). The process of strategic management involves the systematic examination of a number of interrelated elements, which results in an explicit statement of company objectives and how they are to be achieved. The ultimate purpose of strategic management is to secure competitive advantage of the organization in question (Drejer 2002). Strategies are made by businesses to be able to perform well in its industry and react well to the different problems they have encounter in their day to day operations. Companies use strategic management to maintain their standing in the market and attain some advantage over competitors. One company that makes use of strategic management is MTR Corporation. This company owns and operates the MTR system of Hong Kong and it engages in railways all over the world. The paper will conduct a strategic analysis of the company and its strategic position. The paper will use various literatures to gather the needed data to analyze the company.  The paper will perform a SWOT analysis of the company so that it can determine the company’s strategic position. Moreover the paper will identify options for the future development of the organization with regards to resource and market led strategic development. The paper will evaluate the merits of potential future strategies. Lastly the paper will recommend specific courses of actions that will be implemented by the organization. Brief for the case object

In Hong Kong the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is a unified complex which carries throughout its entities a single semiotic system. The code...
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