Mtr Society Link Gathering Proposal

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MTR Society Link Gathering
Date: 20th October, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 0930-1200 noon
Venue: City University of Hong Kong Ground Floor and Classroom Guest: 70-90 delegates from more than 21 NGOs, including some young members

A. Theme
Main theme: CoR with focus on MTR engagement with the young generation, particularly with MTR initiatives on CSA. MTR is committed to contributing to the development of the next generation in the community. University students learn working with real customers through the CSA and Tourist Ambassadors program.

Sub-theme: Your Future Begins Here
1. To establish a close and friendly relationship between the local youngsters and MTR. 2. To enhance the corporate social responsibility image of MTR in the community.

Youngsters are the master of future society. MTR could create more chances for their future by understanding them and their needs, and also giving them advices. Though the following program, the youngsters in the NGOs could understand what MTR is doing for them, and join the activities that they are interested in. Moreover, they could learn from the seniors who possess rich experiences, and further use what they had learn into their daily life or share it to the people around them. On the other hand, MTR could hear opinions for the young members in NGOs, so that MTR could think from their point of views, and understand what else they could do for the youngsters. This two-way communication could benefits both the youngsters and MTR from understanding each other, and finding the best way to cooperate. B. Program

Part I: Registration
Registration will be held at the open area (i.e. next to the event venue) and will be managed by students and MTR staff. Coffee and snacks will be provided before the event starts. Each NGO will be asked to assign one representative for going on the stage. Display panels will be set around the area to demonstrate the cooperation between MTR and NGOs in youth development projects (optional).

Part II: MC introduction and Welcoming Remarks
Welcoming remarks will be delivered by MTR Senior Manager after the MC introduction. MC will invite the Senior Manager on stage for the speech.

Part III: Welcoming Ceremony
(i) Mementos presentation session (5mins, optional)
-The participants and MTR representative exchange thank-you cards/ mementos on stage.

(ii)Finishing a Montage (10mins)
-A card will be distributed to each guest during registration, they could write their own blessing words on it, and give it back to us. All cards will be pieced together, and combined as a Montage, which the words of “合作拼未來” / “美好明天藍圖” will be showed after combination.

-During “Finishing a Montage”, the one representative of each NGOs will be invited to the stage and finish the montage. For example, there are 20 NGOs, so there will be 21 empty boxes (20 NGOs + one MTR representative) for them to stick the cards on. *p.s. (i) The word “合作拼未來” / “美好明天藍圖” will be written in a piece of paper, and the paper will be cut into numbers of cards. (ii) In the invitation letter, the guests are required to write down the numbers of attendees. By gathering the total numbers, we will know the numbers of cards we should cut into. (iii) All cards will be coded at the back side, eg. A1, A2, C1, C2, which “A” represented as first row and “1” represented as first column, so that we can pieced the cards promptly. (iv) The representative of each NGO will be determined by themselves during registration.

(iii)Group photo (3mins)
All guests could hold the montage while taking group photos.

Part IV:Coffee break and chats (15mins)
All guests could enjoy the food and drinks prepared by MTR.

Part V: Presentation on MTR’s Youth Development (10mins)
Plan A-In order to impress the NGOs as well as the public towards MTR’s recent CSA development, a video clip will be filmed to review and summarize last year’s youth programs. Later on, we will focus on how...
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