Mth/213 Reflective Paper

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Reflective Paper
Coswella Carr
University of Phoenix
Mathematics for Elementary Educators I
MTH 213
November 17, 2011
Adam Nehme

Reflective Paper

In this Mathematics for Elementary Educators I course, it teaches me many concepts that a professional mathematics teacher should possess while teaching elementary students. The concepts has influences my own ideas and philosophy of teaching. In this reflection paper, I will also summarize the major mathematical concepts, explaining how the learning concepts are relevant to the characteristics of a professional mathematics teacher. During this five week course, there were five major concepts that were being discussed. I think that the most important concepts that were being discussed are the ones that we learn in the first week of class. In week one, we learn about the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) that defines the six principles of elementary school mathematics and five mathematical process standards. According to the NCTM Principles Equity, Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, Assessment, and Technology are the moral foundation for all teachers. The basic categories of mathematics that teachers should be interpreting for their students are the NCTM standards problem-solving, communication, representation, reasoning and proof, and connections. In week two, the concept that was discussed was Algebraic Thinking and Problem Solving within this concept we solved problems by using patterns, numerical relations and functions. We also used algebraic symbols to represent mathematical situations, and models, such as graphs to represent quantitative relationship. In Week three and four, we discussed the Number Theory and Rational Numbers and Rational Numbers and Applications. These units are involved in solving fractions, decimals, and percent problems by making estimates and applying the number theory. Throughout the entire course including week five, this math course has incorporated the real...
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