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Unit eight Written Assignment
KU Consulting
KU Consulting has been asked to bid on a large consulting job with Albatross Anchor. In order to win the contract for this consulting job a well written, logical and highly organized proposal must be written. It is your task/challenge to write the proposal for revamping Albatross Anchors Operations systems so that KU Consulting may win the $ 50,000 contract.

The proposal is separated into three sections but covers the same scenario/case study. You will work on and prepare the proposal in Units three, six, and eight. Using the mandatory template (found in DocSharing) prepare your proposal by answering (in detail) all of the questions posed below.

Your answers must demonstrate your
understanding of the concepts and principles
identified within the textbook, course information
and activities, but also from independent academic
quality research to solve these challenges.
While it is acceptable to use the textbook as
foundational material you must conduct
independent research, as well, using the Kaplan
virtual library and the Internet to find information
that supports your findings and conclusions. A
minimum of three academic resources, in
addition to the textbook, is required for each
section of the proposal.
Please note: Quotations should make up no
more than 10% of your proposal.
Requirements for successful completion of each section of the proposal include:  Prepared using the mandatory template for each section of the proposal (the templates for each section can be found in Doc Sharing of this virtual classroom). Failure to use the mandatory template will result in an automatic reduction of one grade level.

 Proposal Cover Page
 APA style reference page.
 The body of the paper must be between six and eight pages long (this does not include the cover or reference pages).
 Body of the paper must be double-spaced (this includes spacing between paragraphs and before/after headings).
 One inch...
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