Mt203 Case Analysis Unit 7

Topics: Unfair labor practice, National Labor Relations Board, National Labor Relations Act Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: August 14, 2010
The Union Drive at Apollo Corporation
Malika Brandon
Kaplan University
MT203: Human Resources Management
Hock Yong

The Union at Apollo Corporation
After nineteen years working as a plant maintenance engineer, employee Bob Thomas was terminated after Jean Lipski the Human Resources Director discovered that Bob was involved in starting a union at the Apollo Corporation. This case will answer the questions: 1. what, if any violation of the law did Apollo Corporation commit? 2. What may be the arguments that Jean Lipski and Bob Thomas use to defend their cases? The case study will also briefly list things mangers should not do to commit unfair labor practices.

Review/Analysis of the Case
Apollo Corporation is a company that makes component parts for the communication industry. Bob Thomas a Plant Maintenance engineer worked for the company for nineteen years. During the previous five years of his employment his attendance was insufficient, he was a complainer, and also was reported as being a troublemaker. The Apollo Corporation had a laid-back type of atmosphere. As a result of the companies not enforcing the policies strictly and applying disciplinary action against employees not conforming to company policy and a failure to comply with such polices were never put to use (Bohlander 2007). Apollo Corporation is involved in highly competitive industry to produce; HR Director Jean Lipski met with the managers during several meetings and instructed them to exercise their supervisory relationship employees. The employees that did not adhere to HR policies would have disciplinary action against them.

Bob and several of the employees were not happy of hearing about the enforcement of the policies. Bob also began to worry about his job, because his attendance was so poor and being labeled as troublemaker and complainer. So Bob contacted the union organizer of the Brotherhood of Machine Engineers. Bob conveyed to the union organizer that he wanted...
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