Mt. Everest

Topics: Mount Everest, Sherpa, Edmund Hillary Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: December 4, 2010
Conquering the summit
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the highest mountain in the world and to give examples of people who climbed it. Central idea: I will talk about the height of the Everest, the trail that leads to the summit, the location, and surroundings.

I. Try to close your eyes and imagine the following scenes.
A. You are seating down on the highest summit in the world, and all you see is other white summits. B. You are away from the noise and all you hear is wind. C. No buildings no civilization, just mountains.

II. There are some people that died because they wanted to be on the highest spot on earth.

III. On the other hand, people who made the most amazing journey of their life.

IV. It takes around 3 days to climb the Everest from the base camp which is 21,300 ft.

V. Intrigued by the subject I went to Nepal to the Himalaya range to see the Everest.

I. the Everest has many stories behind it.
A. The first people to conquer the summit
1. In 1953 the first two people reached the summit, the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal. B. Mount Everest is considered to be a death zone.

1. It is very hard for climbers to survive in a death zone. The temperature Can get to very low levels and the body parts will frostbite easily. 2. People who die during the climb are typically left behind. About 150 bodies have never been recovered. C. Now days, it is very popular to hike until EBC- Everest base camp. 1. My best friend reached the EBC.

2. I hiked to Annapurna Base Camp which is not far from the Everest region.

I. the Everest is the greatest adventure a human been can experience. A. Thousands of people have experienced the highest summit on earth. B. There are some dark sides for the great mountain, it is deadly.

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