Msu Food Waste Investigation Summary

Topics: Malnutrition, Famine, Starvation Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 11, 2013
English 201
04 October 2012
Draft Essay 1
MSU Food Waste investigation Summary
People in varies places are facing challenges where they do not to have enough food to eat every day. They are in desperate need of food and receive no care for their needs. People in the world are starving and they get sick due to lack of nutrition. In contrast, people in America live an abundant life. We have many kind of food to choose from and we do not lack anything. However, Americans tend to waste food for many of reasons. People throw away the food because they want to lose weight or they just simply do not like the food that is given to them. Wasting food is a big problem in school. Many students are throwing away their food and the younger generation lack appreciation on the blessings of having food on their table. Students in Michigan State University tried to find way to solve the problem regarding the waste of food. They investigate in the schools in California and they find that students waste an average of 1,500 pounds of food every day. The statistic is shocking. Students conduct many interviews to find out what is the source of the problem and how can we solve it. One of students proposes that we should offer samples to students so they can choose the kind of food they like. Some of them think that we should reduce the amount of food given to student since students prefer not to have large portion of food. Many people think that they should make decision on what they want and they cannot finish it all. One of student said they can donate food to homeless people. Students are in charge of making a plan to reduce food waste and it does show some positive affect on saving food. However, there are still many food being wasted in the end of video. In summary, I need to say that the students provide many good ideas to solve the problem of food waste in school. However, such effort seems to be insufficient in solving bigger problems such as famine and starvation...
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