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I went through a dozen of guide and rules on how to write statement of purpose and start to write few draft but in the end I abandon all these drafts. All these rules prevent me from present myself as I am in best possible and honest way. I decide to break all the rules and adopt honesty as the only core rule in writing this statement of purpose.

I spend my childhood life in Oil Palm estate nearby small town called Paloh in state of Johor in Malaysia, where my parents run grocery shop. The word computer is something the people there never heard off and for some who knew the existence of computers its considered some kind of technology from outer space. Handheld game devices is considered very high tech stuff back there during my childhoods. I’m one of the very few lucky kids to have played few of this handheld game devices. Never even in my wild dream I thought of working with computers, never. My only passion back then was soccer or better known as football in this part of the world. I played for my district and state team in under age group soccer tournaments. As far I remember being a professional soccer player is only thing I wish to be.

Things changed in split second when I took the decision to enroll for Diploma in Information Technology in SAL College located in Johor Bahru , second largest city in Malaysia, this was in 1999. I’m really not sure what actually struck my mind at that moment or what actually motivate me but I choose to pursue Information Technology , I never operate computer before at that time. At that moment I not sure whether I made right decision or not but down the line 2 months later I found a new passion on my life , computers. My diploma studies help me to jump into programming world with strong foundation of basic programming concept. After diploma I joined small electronic startup company as programmer , developing VB 6 applications and websites. Eight months later I quit the job and enroll for Bachelor Computer Science in Management and Science University (MSU).

MSU was barely one year old at that time but they were offering one of best syllabus for computer science and choices of majoring which clearly define your career path from second year. I took for software engineering major which educate one in Object Oriented based software development. Subjects like Object OOAD , OOSD , Programming Languages, Real Time System , Distributed Systems and Software Testing that gave me in depth knowledge of software development and for all these subjects we had developed a system. I developed Grading System (ASP and MS Access) for Distributed System, Online Time Table System (JSP , Apache Tomcat , and MS Access) for Real Time System , Tamil Keyboard (Java 1.4) and Basic Compiler (Java 1.4) for Programming Languages. Throughout the whole course I maintained GPA > 3.00 , I must admit theory related and non technical courses never caught my attention during graduate studies.

During 4th semester I was invited together with other 3 students to take up one of the university pet project which is Jawi Word Processor , a project that later renamed as K-Jawi ( which received grant from Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage of Malaysia. I and my group members responsible of based framework and solving crucial problems of the projects. My part particularly are developing initial prototype of use interface and later developing custom RTFEditorKit because the bugs we found in default RTFEditorKit that ship with Java 1.5. The default RTFEditorKit cannot save the table and image information which is crucial for a commercial word processor. This is my biggest contribution for this project while my team lead developed other parts especially in solving Unicode issues.

I joined my current company , Consolsys Technologies ( immediately after my studies finish in December 2005 as a software engineer. Consolsys is one of main ISV for banking sector in...
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