Msa 601

Topics: Leadership, Management, Fiedler contingency model Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: April 6, 2012
1. Are virtual teams likely to be a passing fad? Why. Or why not? I personally don’t believe that virtual teams are a passing fad. Over the past couple of years a lot of things have changed but one thing that has been constant is the use of technology and the importance it plays in the workplace. Like my company, we have a number of locations and we work on various projects utilizing virtual teams. Especially since a lot of bigger companies are global, virtual teams allows for more reasonable collaboration and increased innovation effectiveness. 2. To what extent do you think that your organization or work unit could benefit from utilizing virtual teams? As I stated, we work in virtual teams, it is easier to complete assignments, assign work, and share ideas. By doing these things virtual teams we work more sync, and save time that can be used to devote to other tasks. Any company that has many locations could benefit for virtual teams.

Which of the five conflict-handling styles is your strongest? Your weakest? How can you improve your ability to handle conflict? When looking at the 5 conflict-handling styles (Problem Solving, Smoothing, Forcing, Avoiding and Compromising) I can identify easily what my strongest and weakest points are. My strongest conflict-handling style is problem solving. I always want to solve the problem. I believe in positive confrontation and to sit out find out the issues work out the understandings and resolve. Communication makes every aspect of life better! When you work longer at it, it lasts longer and has a better impact on the group involved. Even though, this takes the most time, I feel it to be the most effective. With saying that my weakest form on conflict is Avoidance. Since, I am a vivid believer in communication it is hard for me to avoid the situation and take the passive approach. I am learning how to pick my battles and not feel a need to talk everything out. When handling conflict especially when it is...
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