Ms2 Case Approach

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Case Approach (Final Version)

Page 1
Executive Summary
(1 paragraph)
Main issue
a)Short term
b)Long term
c)Contingency planPage 2
Issues Identification
Key Areas of Focus – Use Heading and Bullet Points (e.g. Digital Canada Case) a)No support from GIA Group
b)Loss of social status and control from management’s perspective c)Field sales employees’ concerns
d)Change in corporate culture
Page 3
Key Areas of Focus – Use Heading and Bullet Points Options & pros and cons
Page 4
Analysis (Cont’d.)
Options & pros and cons
Page 5

Contingency plan
Change management
Project Management
IT Governance Model
Overall strategy (i.e. low cost leadership, differentiation and focus) •Porter five forces
Data warehouse and data mart
Virtual office
Steering committee
Wireless communication
Intranet / Extranet / Internet

Techniques for Presentation Slides

Answer the Questions asked:
Pay attention to the questions provided in the “Required” •Use questions provided in the “Required,” in the form of bullets or lists •Ensure that all questions asked are answered.

Organization and Structure:
Use the format given for structure of presentation and speaker’s notes. •Break up the points in a logical order and map the content on to the number of slides stated within question. •Begin with a title slide, followed by an introductory slide. •Keep slide text clear and concise. Slides should contain only the key points - use speaker’s notes to fill in the details. •Speaker’s notes should include examples (where appropriate), introductory and closing comments. •End with a summary or conclusion slide.

Remember Role and Audience:
Know your audience and understand the role asked to be...
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