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Marques Ford
Week 5 Discussion

Discuss which commandment is most important to you, and develop an 11th commandment you would add.

When initially utilizing the MS Project software I anticipated it working just like the Microsoft Excel software, which was not the case. Therefore, the commandment that is most important to me would be, Commandment #6 – Thou shall be patient in using the tutorial and help function to learn MS Project. I feel that in order for the application to add up and be understood one must comprehend the basic elements of the application and know how to use them. If I were to create an 11th commandment, it would be: Thou shall create a realistic outline of task in MS Project. Oftentimes user will have a vision that can sometimes be too grandeur to be real or doable. It is important to plan based on need, not want. Making sure that you cover all your necessities and develop a clear way to execute them. This is why an out line format is important. I find that outlines allow one to stay on task and perform with efficiency.

Do you think the advantages of using a project management software application outweigh the disadvantages? Why or why not?

I do think the advantages of using project management software out weight the disadvantages. There are several advantages, such as the ability to collaborate with team members, management of project cost, and the ability to quickly create reports. Of the many advantages the one I feel most important is the ability to manage risks, forecasting and budgets. These three items are most important, in my opinion, to the project development process. Knowing the risks involved, how to anticipate and manage said risk and then create the necessary budgets for them seems to be a necessary priority of project management. The only disadvantage mentioned by Hooks (2013) that is worth mentioning is that “project management software may complicate simple projects.” This can be a slow...
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