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Topics: Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Business Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: January 11, 2013
I hope you will consider me for being Marketing Assistant in Baseline Corporation Limited. As I have seen your announcement of seeking potential candidates in, a position of Marketing Assistant sounds compelling and stimulating for me. During the time for schooling as a full timer at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City for International Business major, I had participated to a lot of activities and usually work in marketing field, especially of Marketing Leader of Dream Big – an English Singing Contest. I planned everything from selling tickets for thousands students of my school, using digital channels to announce that events, writing articles to publish on website, assigning to coaching my subordinates to propagate the event to 20,000 students through classrooms. After these activities, I had obtained numerous great friends, enlarged my relationship, leadership, team work and ability to improvise in different cases. Last December, I had started my internship at Insurance Broker Company named Gras Savoye Willis Vietnam as Marketing Assistant. My position has entailed me to make market overviews of all industries in Vietnam, working with Chamber of Commerce. This term gave me more knowledge how a company operates their business and acknowledge more what marketing should offer to them. As a young people, I want to work in more challenging environment to improve my ability as well as contribute my effort to society and being one member of Baseline can satisfy all of my desires. Besides, I process excellent communication skills and can maintain good relations with co workers and easy going with new environment. I am highly good working attitude and not afraid of being challenged by new circumstances and obstacles. I eventually want to have an opportunity to share with you about the job and myself and appreciate so much for your considering on my words. Best regards

Xuan Phuong NGUYEN
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