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Topics: Cerebrospinal fluid, Multiple sclerosis, Brain Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: November 27, 2012
A.What is Multiple Sclerosis?
a.Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS, causes a feeling of numbness throughout the body, deterioration of one person’s balance, muscle control, and sight. b.Multiple Sclerosis affects nerves of the brain and the spinal cord. c.In 1873, it was discovered in England by Dr. Moxon and in 1878 by Dr. Edward Seguin in the United States. B.Different types of MS

a.One type is exacerbation of multiple sclerosis which is when someone starts to have problems with their normal physical capabilities. This can last from at least one day to a couple of weeks. b.The most common type of MS is Relapsing-Remitting (RR), which people encounter multiple attacks, than the symptoms disappear, than the attacks come back again. When the symptoms disappear it is known as remission and when the attacks come back it is known as relapse. About 80-85% of people with multiple sclerosis get this. C.Secondary-Progressive

a.Secondary-Progressive (SP) is another type of MS that people have. People develop it within ten years of having MS. (Gold, 15) This is when people have attacks and start to lose some physical abilities. At first the attacks are on and off then eventually they get worse. Then it slowly progresses to being disabled. D.Primary-Progressive

a.Another type of MS is Primary-Progressive (PP) MS which some patients start out with. This is when someone’s physical abilities are decreasing. There is a possibility that you could come severely disabled with PP. (Gold, 15) About 10-15% of people with multiple sclerosis get this type. E.Progressive-Elapsing

a.Another type is Progressive-relapsing MS which is not so common. This is when the disease steadily gets worse. They also get attacks and flare-ups. About 5% of people with multiple sclerosis get this type. F.Statistics

a.In the United States there are about 400,000 people with MS and 200 people are diagnosed with it every week. b.People can get it depending on...
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