Ms. Norma Darr

Topics: Central Java, Tea Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Wonosobo is a small town located in Central Java. Wonosobo air in winter and cool as it is situated between two mountains, the mountains and mountain cleft Sindoro. Wonosobo merupakn beautiful city, lots of sights can be visited. The sights can be visited include: the temples, lake colors, volcanic craters, caves, and the tea garden tour. All the attractions that are unique to each different masingyang other area attractions.

Wonosobo not only interesting from the resort, but also its distinctive food. Wonosobo have some special food is noodles ongklok, Tempe kemul, Carica, purwaceng, opaque, Tambi tea, mushroom chips and much more. Wonosobo also has a uniqueness that is the dreadlocked boy, dreadlocked boy is only in Wonosobo and not found elsewhere. Wonosobo people assume that the child dreads a special child. The myth that develops when children are dreadlocked hair cut without gimbalnya in particular upacar then the child will be sick and gimbalnya hair will grow back. To shave the hair gimbalnya could not at any time because it depends on the child in pieces when gimbalnya want and ask for something. If you wish not obey his desire gimbalnya the hair will grow again.

Wonosobo adalah sebuah kota kecil yang terletak di Jawa Tengah. Udara di Wonosobo dingin dan sejuk karena terletak di antara dua gunung, yaitu gunung Sindoro dan gunung Sumbing. Wonosobo merupakan kota yang indah, banyak tempat wisata yang bisa di kunjungi. Tempat-tempat wisata yang bisa di kunjungi antara lain: candi-candi, telaga warna, kawah vulkanik, gua-gua, dan wisata kebun teh. Semua tempat wisata itu memiliki keunikan masing-masingyang berbeda dengan tempat wisata didaerah lain.

Wonosobo tidak hanya menarik dari tempat wisatanya saja, tetapi juga makanan khasnya. Wonosobo memiliki beberapa makanan khas yaitu mie ongklok, Tempe kemul, carica, purwaceng, opak, teh tambi, kripik jamur dan masih banyak lagi. Wonosobo juga mempunyai keunikan yaitu adanya anak berambut gimbal, anak...
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