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They will understand that differences among people in society have

positive value. Students will understand that these differences add to the

value in our lives. They will understand that although we are different we

are alike in many ways. The purpose of this lesson and activity is to

introduce the concept that everyone is the same in some ways and they

are different in other ways . As a result of this lesson plan students will

learn that we live in a community with many cultures and we are all

different. The students will be more accepting of their classmates and

embrace their differences.


The class consist of 20 students 3 of which have learning disabilities.

One student is a 11 years old male with Emotional Behavioral Disturbance,

We also have a 12 year old female with Autism and a 11 year old male who

is in a wheelchair with dyslexia.

TIME FRAME (3 days)

This lesson will be taught for three days broken down in 3 parts.

The 1st day the students will get to pick a apple each. students will be

instructed to look and study their apples and look for distinguishing

characteristics , bruises, marks, est. The students can name their apples.

The students will return the apples to front of the class when finished , the

teacher will make a mark at the bottom of the apple to determine who the

apple belongs to. The students will have to identify their apples in the end.

2nd day we are going to discuss the first day and how we can or can’t

identify our apples. Together as a class we will discuss the importance

of individuality culture, similarities, and differences. The students will get to

embrace their star qualities that make each one different and unique and

all of us are stars in our own rights. At the end the students will get to cut

open the apple. In the...
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