Ms Julie Psychological Interpretation of 3 Characters

Topics: Miss Julie, Domestic worker, Social class Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: April 17, 2011
Miss Julie is a naturalistic tragic play who is characterized by Julie, a 25 year old wild young woman, who is used to getting her own way because of her riches and her father's social position. She sets her sights on her father's valet Jean, an ambitious young man who is engaged to one of the other servants, Christine. She’s been a victim of hereditary and environmental forces pushing her towards fulfilling illegal desires towards a lower class. Unfortunately, both understand that something like that would be impossible. Having lowered herself to the level of the servants, Miss Julie finds herself with no options for her future.  Psychological Interpretation:

Miss Julie:
Raised by a shockingly empowered mother who disliked men, Julie is alternately disgusted by and drawn to men, horrified by sex and ready to play the lusty flirt. Her hatred of men leads her to attempt to enslave them sadistically. Julie desires her own fall. Julie submits to Jean, who is partly a father figure, imploring him both to abuse and to save her. She wants to get dominated over people. First on her fiancée when she tells him to jump over the horse whip and he doesn’t. She wants to show her upper hand. Secondly as per her psychology Miss Julie has been seen as getting herself to the lower level that is of the servants. She takes the beer instead of the high class vine to drink. Thirdly, Julie makes a gender reversal. Julie perceives herself to take the masculine roles and to protect everyone in the house because she is the one with the money and power. In short, Miss Julie first orders her fiancé to perform a silly trick, like a trained dog, and loses him. She then crosses forbidden social and sexual boundaries and ends up losing her life to her own hysteria, paranoia, and panic.   Jean:

Jean is the manor's thirty-year old valet and another most important character in this play after Miss Julie. He is the fiancé of Christine, the cook. Jean is their old valet who worked for Miss...
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