Mrs J Tytler

Topics: Evidence law, Witness, Testimony Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Evidence No| |
Date| 12/12/12|
| |
HNC Social Care
Evidence Gathering Form

Identify evidence type| | | | | |
Direct observation| | Reflective account| | Expert witness| | Questions| | Product | | Witness testimony| |

Evidence Direct observation reflective account about my placement at Headways brain trauma group.| Unit, Element, PCs| Knowledge| The purpose of my supervision meeting is to talk over any issues I might have or my manager might have regaurding my placement.It is also to talk about things I would like to improve on or things I would like to learn more about. In my supervision meeting my manager Elaine was present,myself Joanna and my SVQ assessor Maxine.In my surevision meeting my manager Elaine asked me to fill out a supervision meeting form.On the form it asked me some questions like- What I enjoyed about my role at Headways to which I stated that I enjoyed being able to interact with the members and the great staff.I also said I liked helping with the daily activitys that go on at headways. What I find challenging in my role- I said I find it hard to understand some members with speech problems due to their brain trauma. I feel imbarressed that they might not think I am listening properly to what they are saying? Any issues that I would like to raise regaurding my role at headways- I don’t feel at this present time that I have any issues at my placement that I would like to raise. How I view my role and things I would like to change or improve on? I feel I would like to help more with care planning and risk assesments at headway. Areas of improvement- I feel headways is helping me improve and develop my communications skills as every member including the staff are very helpful and approachable. Once I had spoken to Elaine about theses questions she gave me feed back on what she thought. We...
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