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A lot of people are known to judge the homeless without actually knowing them. We should all know that even though these people are homeless, they still have the same needs and rights as the people that have homes. They also have the same needs that we all humans have. Here are some of the principles and values of the homeless people

People that live in the homeless centre have the same rights as everyone else. They are all different and have different needs and should be able to meet their individual needs and rights that are homeless.

The homeless people have the right to have a home that they feel safe and that their needs are being met. As stated in the housing act 1996 “local authorities have the duty to provide accommodation to the people who are being judged as homeless and have a priority needs like for example: if they have children.” We all have the right

To shelter
They also have the right to be treated fairly and to redress thing when they go wrong: they always have the right talk to people when something is bothering them and when they have any problems that they need to address. They should always acknowledge they are religious beliefs and cultures. This can be done by asking them and listening to what they say, so that they do not mistaken what they have to say. Protecting them from abuse: They have the right to safety of person and security of belongings; they provide things like CCTV for the service user’s safety and security services to protect them Homelessness is a human life issue

Under this they talk about the homeless saying that being homeless “is more than just a housing issue.” This is because being homeless affects someone’s ability to enjoy their basic rights and freedom. Housing as a human right (1996)

Under this act it says that for someone’s needs to be met they need to have a place to stay “without a right to housing, many other rights will be compromised.” Like for example: rights to family and privacy, the right to health and the right to development. M1

The people that work in the homeless have several duties to make sure that these people’s needs are being met. The following include: Promoting equality of opportunities: homeless centre careers should make sure that they promote equal opportunities to all the people in the homeless centre. They should make sure that they provide equal opportunities to all the people in the homeless centre no matter what their: age, gender, race, religion, sexuality and ethnicity. They also should not discriminate against by not favouring others more than others, because it might result into discrimination however this might be needed in some circumstances like for example one of the residents in the homeless centre has a special need or if they have a mental disorder. They should also protect all of them equally by making sure that: * No one including the careers is threatening them

* No one is blocking the opportunities they might get
* No offensive humour is being said about them
* If they are disabled their needs should be met equally
The other thing that they must do is that they should tell them not to discriminate against each other and they should not encourage them. They should make sure that no member receives less favourable treatment than the other. Effective communication: the careers in the homeless centre have to use effective communication when talking to the homeless, to do this they need to have good eye contact and speaking loud enough for them for them to hear, they may also need to speak well so they can understand what they are saying. Through communication the careers will be able to meet the homeless people’s individual needs (physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs). For example here are some of the things they should when talking to them: They should always have a positive attitude when talking to them, because if they are not happy to listen to what they...
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