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Topics: Education, Learning styles, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 18 (5803 words) Published: February 19, 2013
|1.1 |I work within a construction college, which provides vocational courses in Brick & Civil Engineering, Carpentry and Painting & | |1.3 |Decorating. My role within the training organisation is to deliver Functional Skills English and Maths to a diverse culture of | |1.9 |students aged between 16-19 years. The academic levels range between Entry 2 (E2) and Level 2 (L2). As a teacher in the lifelong | | |learning sector I have various roles and responsibilities. My initial duties are to ensure I fully comprehend and follow the | | |guidelines set out by the Teaching Standards Guidelines, legislation and my own organisation guidelines, ensuring I provide my | | |students with a safe learning environment. An environment where all my students feel they are welcome and are treated equally and | | |fairly; to encourage learning, development, achievement, and confidence within my students and to maintain standards of expected | | |behaviour, positive attitudes and conduct. It is also my role to ensure legislation and code of practise is constantly upheld. | | |The Department of Education has set guidelines within the ‘Teacher’s Standards’ identifying key elements of the conduct and | | |professional expectations of a teacher and states. In part one: | | |“A teacher must set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils | | |Establish a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect | | |Set goals that stretch and challenge pupils of all backgrounds, abilities and dispositions | | |Demonstrate consistently the positive attitudes, values and behaviour which are expected.” | | |There is so much to consider, however, I have found by way of continuous reflection and analysis of my lesson plans, internal | | |meetings and briefings; legislation is continuously considered, reviewed and updated that it has become embedded into my daily | |1.2 |teaching life and implemented into lesson plans automatically. Legislation which is always a consideration when lesson planning is | |1.4 |the Equality Act 2010 which incorporates a number of different equality laws. My students are from various backgrounds, cultures, | |1.5 |hold different academic attainment levels’, they may have Special Educational Needs (SEN) such as Aspergers or they may be | |1.7 |Dyslexic, they will have different learning styles and may have a number of barriers to learning. An area where this legislation | |1.8 |can be implemented is by embedding diversity and equality not only into my lessons, but also my own behaviour, it is therefore | |1.9 |necessary to consciously consider how I approach: gender, race and age. Simple steps within the classroom can ensure the | |1.13 |inclusivity of all students, to achieve this I will include a good mix of cultures when showing pictures and photographs, female | | |names are used to identify workers within male dominated industries and to ensure I use a variety of names from different cultures.| | |It is also necessary to address within my classroom inequality remarks by criticising the opinion instantly and of course by | | |avoiding direct criticism of the person making the remark. When I produce resources I consider how they will benefit and | | |accommodate individual learning needs and SENs? Are the resources adapted to ensure all the students can access information and | | |will they meet individual needs (using...
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