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Topics: Hygiene, Waste, Recycling Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Unit 031
Cleaning, decontamination and waste management

The general principles for environmental cleaning are to prevent the spread of infection and reduce the risk of transmission between patients via reusable medical devices and other equipment, environment correct linen and waste disposal. The purpose of a cleaning schedule is to show what has been cleaned, how it has been cleaned, who has done the cleaning also when it has been cleaned. The schedule proves that everything has been cleaned in order to maintain the ward and equipment clean and in a sanitary condition. Examples of this at ward level are the bed check cleaning list, commode cleaning schedule. The correct management of environment of the environment minimise the spread of infection in the hospital whether it be patient to patient from patients to staff or staff to paitents.i must always be aware of hand hygiene, cleaning/disinfection, sterilization also monitoring or investigation of suspected spread of infection this will help the spread of infection. The national policy for colour coding equipment is in place as it ensures that items are not used in multiple areas which reduces cross infection such as cloths (reusable and disposable)mops,bucket,aprons and gloves should be colour coded.; red for bathrooms ,washrooms,showers,toilets and basins. Blue – general areas such as wards.

Green – kitchen areas
Yellow – isolation areas.
The three steps of decontamination process are –
Cleaning which physically removes dirt, dust and grease and body fluids using hospital approved general purpose detergent for example mattress Disinfection is a process which reduces the number of micro-organisms to a level which are not harmful disinfection can be achieved either by heat or by chemical means. Example of this chor cleaning commodes. Sterilisation is a process that destroys all micro-organisms. At H.D.F.T. sterilisation can only be achieved by steam sterilisation this is used for non-disposable...
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