Mrs Dubose

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Mrs. Dubose is a very sick and pretty mad old neighbor who lives two houses down from the Finches. She is a creepy and scary old woman who is used to yell bad things towards two innocent kids, Scout and Jem about how they'll arrive to absolutely nothing when they grow up. Coming from an adult, things like that are taken pretty badly by two children. Jem takes her abuse without answering until she says something mean about his father, Atticus. Then, what Mrs Dubose says finally gets to him. It didn't before, but Jem is really close to his father and can't take it anymore. One afternoon, while he was coming back at home, Jem takes Scout's new baton and cuts off all of Mrs. Dubose's camellia bush in her garden. Atticus sends him down to apologize to the old lady, and she asks Atticus several times that Jem reads to her for two hours every afternoon during an entire month. Jem is absolutely not happy about that punishment he was assigned to. Sadly he doesn't have any other options, so he does what she asked him to do and hates this annoying punishment. Just after his ''sentence'' ends, Mrs. Dubose dies right away and leaves Jem a single perfect camellia blossom. It was like a present she gave him to thank him after what he did. Atticus explains to his son that the scary Mrs. Dubose was in fact nothing else than a morphine addict, and that she died after she could at last finally free herself from her addiction. Jem's father tells him she was one of the bravest people he knew and he wanted his son to understand that about her.

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