Mrs.Dalloway Introduction

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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British Modern Fiction

Modern Science-Fiction in Britain started in the early 20th century. The modernism is the name of Europe movement that predominated to the art and cultural since 1890 -1930. It has captivated a lot of people from the time it started up to this point. It has certain aspects that attract people, such as war, love or relationships, social class, communication, political commentary. These stories contained solutions to modern problems at that time, such as, the two world wars and how they affected people, both positively and negatively. They also made good points that helped to improve the conditions Britain was facing at that time. The use of innovative forms of narrative is one of the aspects that made these stories modern. Some of the writers that made use of this aspect are, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf. These writers define what we understand as modernism in fiction. They defined as ability to stimulate thinking to social and culture questions. They are trying to describe the whole pictures of society in the novels. Some of the innovations they have used include the use of internal monologue, as well as the exploration of certain themes such as alienation and paralysis. Much of what modern writers wanted to do was to challenge the status quo. Also, Modernism as a literary movement is a reaction to the emergence of city life as a central force in society. Modernist wanted to establish a new styles and forms, which move away of the old one. They confirm of impression and personality and they include point of view, clear to the scene. Also, they issue the nature, status and rules. In modern literature refused the realism and traditional by the narrative, they focus on the fiction of the novels and close ending. Accordingly, the narratives in the modernism lie to create a great novel all the time.

Virginia Woolf described the British modernist movement by used technique to make good stories; her technique is...
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