Mrs. Bennet

Topics: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: February 29, 2012
Elizabeth is one of the main characters of “Pride and prejudice”. She can be compared with her sister Jane with whom she has lots of things in common and contrast with her mother Mrs. Bennet.
Firstly, Mrs. Bennet is very immature and she shows us this when she says to Mr. Bennet: “you have no compassion on my poor nerves…”. This shows immature because she is being very selfish and it is thought that a characteristic of maturing is to stop being selfish. On the other hand, there is no aspect of Elizabeth being selfish or immature she rather behaves maturely, and not childish as her mother. Mr. Bennet is also seen a s very childish when she is at Bingley’s and she says: “… that gentleman …” referring to Mr. Darcy. Moreover, Mrs. Bennet is very materialist, we can realise these at the beginning of the novel when she is talking with her husband about the arrival of Mr. Bingley and she says: ”what a fine thing for our daughters…”. Using the word “thing” she means the fortune not the man. Instead, Elizabeth has another view of love and she is not materialistic, we can see this when she is talking with her friend Charlotte and she says: “…and if I were determinated to get a rich husband, or any husband, I dare say I should adopt it…”. Here Elizabeth is describing her thoughts about marriage. Unlike Mrs. Bennet, Elizabeth thought that marriage is related with love and no with fortune.

Secondly, Jane has a very similar personality to the one of Elizabeth, so they can be compared. Both Jane and Elizabeth are very intelligent, this is shown when Mr. Bennet says so. Jane also thought that on the marriage there should be love rather than money or materialism, we can see these when they are talking after an assembly. Jane and Elizabeth get on very well because they had very similarities between them and they were very different from their mother and their sisters. Elizabeth and Jane weren’t desperate for finding a man, they knew that love would come in some moment. Both,...
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