Mrs. Al Smith

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Juliette:- AJMAL
Gaston:- ADEEB
Mrs. Al Smith:- NAYEEM
Villa for sale is a drama written by Sacha Guitry. In this drama Juliette puts up her villa for sale. Some customers come to see the villa but they do not buy it. After almost a month, Juliette gets a call saying a lady will come to buy it. A French couple Gaston and Jeanne come to take a look at the villa. While waiting for the owner of the villa, Gaston indicated that he has no intention of buying a villa. Juliette enters and gives a complete description of the villa. After much bargaining Juliette reduces the price from 2, 50,000 francs to 2, 00,000 francs. Gaston doesn't agree and is about to leave when Jeanne wants to have a look around the villa. Jeanne wants to see the upper floor Gaston doesn't joins them. Mrs. al Smith arrives to look at the villa. She mistakes Gaston as the owner of the villa. She buys the villa for 3, 00,000 francs. When Jeanne returns after looking at the top floor, she indicates that she has lost the idea of buying the villa but Gaston desires to buy the villa for 2,00,000 francks.Juliette is still unaware that Gaston has sold the villa to Mrs. al smith. Gaston's ingenuitnity is later discovered by Jeanne. Villa for sale is nothing but just about a woman( Juliette) who sells her house to a couple in hastiness, and Mr.Gatson who buys the house sells it to another American who assumes Gaston to be the husband of Juliette when his wife Jeanne and Juliette go to inspect the top floor of the house. It is all about the tricky minded Gaston.

The scene represent a small villa near Nogent-sur-Marne ,The curtain rises and Julitter and her maid are discovered Julitte :- Won't the people of ITP coming to see the house ? Maid :- Yes , Madame they will be here at 4 noon

Juliette :- Thats good
Maid :- Won't Madame be sorry ?
Juliette :- Not at all , If someone had bought it on the same day i placed it for sale ,then i might have felt sorry,that i have been a fool to sell at all. But the problem is the sign has been hanging here since the very first day i hanged it. I am begining to be afraid that i was a fool ,the day i bought it. Maid :- Madame ,when they bought the 'for sale' sign u didn't let then hang it up , but u hung it up at night by yourself Juliette :- You see i , thought they couldn't see the board at night, so the villa would be mine for one more night Maid :- Madame, i want a fovor from you ?

Juliette :- And what is that ?
Maid :- Madame, will you be kind and at let me off between nine and noon tommorow morning? Juliette :- From nine till noon ?
Maid :- Yes Madame, they have asked me to play in a film at the joinville studio Juliette :- Your going to act ?
Maid :- Yes Madame .
Julliete :- What part are you going to play?
Maid :- A maid Madame. They prefer a real article .They are going to pay me a Hundred Francs Juliette :- A Hundred Francs ! Thats Unbelievable !
Maid :- Will you permit me ?
Juliette :- Ofcourse !
The door bell rings suddenly.
Juliette :-Guests have to come to see the house .I am going to change my clothes you open the door Maid :- Yes Madame
The maid opens the door and Jeanne and Gaston are discovered . Maid :- Please sit down Madame , Monsier
Jeanne :- Thank you
Gaston :- And they call this patch of grass in the middle a garden .They must be joking! Jeanne :-But the inside of the house seems to be good, Gaston Gaston :- Who cares?
Jeanne :- What who cares ?
Gaston :- I don't want to see the kitchen to know that the garden is a myth and the salon is impossible ! Jeanne :- Whats the problem with the salon ?
Gaston :- Huh! they call it a salon
Jeanne :- Perhaphs there is another
Gaston :- I am taking about this one
Jeanne :- Gaston, If you don't want the villa ,we 'll not buy it but stop behaving like that Gaston :- I told you before we crossed the 'for sale '...
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