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Topics: Statistical inference, Statistics, Normal distribution Pages: 5 (999 words) Published: February 14, 2013
BUQU 1230-S95
Spring 2013
Instructor: Ali R. Hassanlou, PhD
E-mail: Phone: 604-599-2222; Mailbox No.: 9004
Office: Room D140 Surrey
Class Hours: Saturday 10:00-12:50
Office Hours: Fridays 11:00-12:50, Saturday 9:00-9:50, and Saturday 16:00-17:00

I am also available by appointment and e-mail (which I check regularly).

Course Description: BUQU 1230 will introduce you to basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics will include summarizing and presenting data, probability distributions, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and regression analysis. The application and interpretation of Microsoft Excel is a key part of this course.

Course Website: Lecture notes, slides, grades, and other resources can be accessed from this site. It is recommended that students print and study lecture notes prior to attending the class. To encourage class attendance, lecture notes do not include all the material that I cover in class.

Required Text: Anderson, Sweeney& Williams (2012). Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Office Excel (4th edition). United States: South-Western CENGAGE Learning. Publisher’s website:

Calculators: A basic calculator with a squaring function is required. Calculators with programmable text functions are NOT allowed during tests. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an appropriate calculator for the tests (check with instructor if you are not sure). Failure to do so will result in completing the test without a calculator.

Course Evaluation:

Assignments (5 equally marked)10% Test 1 20% Test 2 20%

Final 50%
A copy of the grading system for Kwantlen Polytechnic University can be found at: Your grade in this course will be based on two midterm tests, one final exam, and five assignments. The tests will cover textbook and lecture material. Learning how to use Excel is a required part of this course and you will be tested on it. Tests will assess your understanding of the material in a problem solving format. There are no make-up tests. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are available and prepared to write the test on the scheduled date.

Please note that if you will be missing a graded evaluation due to medical reasons, you are required to produce a note from a physician. The note must clearly state the reason and dates that you are unable to satisfy course requirements. The University reserves the right to contact the physician's office, not to discuss confidential specifics, but to verify that the note is legitimate.  Accommodation may require the student to write an exam in the Testing Centre and the invigilation fee (currently $30) is the student’s responsibility.

To help you prepare for the tests, learn and understand the course material and various statistical techniques, you are required to work on a number of practice problems related to the course material that I cover in each class. This class work exercise will start at the beginning of each class and students are asked to work in a group of 5-6 students to solve and present the findings in each problem in class. Your class work will be marked and marks will be used as bonus for the midterms. This is a great method to practice what you learn, improve your understanding of statistical methods and improve your marks in the course. Therefore, attendance in the course and participation in solving the class...
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