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Customer satisfaction can help your business to achieve a sustainable competitive advantages, It’s about understanding the way a customer feels after purchasing a product or service and in particular, whether or not that product or service meet the customer’s expectation. Bias tyre construction utilizes body ply cords that extend diagonally from bead to bead, usually at angles in the range of 30 to 40 degree, with successive plies laid at opposing angles forming a crisscross pattern to which the tread is applied. The design allows the entire tyre body to flex easily. There are 9 varieties of bias tyre manufacturing by the MRF tyre company. Radial tyre construction utilizes body ply cords extending from the beads and across the tread so that the cords are laid at approximately right angles to the centerline of the tread, and parallel to each other as well as stabilizer belts directly beneath the tread. The belts may be cord or steel. 15 varieties of radial tyre manufacturing are done by the MRF tyre company.


In the year of 1946 a young entrepreneur K.M.MAMMEN MAPPILLAI, opened a small toy balloon manufacturing unit in a shed at Chennai (Tiruvottiyur). During the period 1949 the factory was just a small shed without any machines. A variety of products, ranking from balloons and squeaking toys to industrial gloves and were produced. In the period of 1952 MRF ventured into the manufacture of tread rubber. And with that, the first machine a rubber mill was installed at the factory. This step into tread rubber manufacture was later to catapult MRF into a league that few had imagined possible. The quality of the product manufactured was of such a high standard that by the close of 1956, MRF had become the market leader with a 50% share of the tread-rubber market in India. In the period of 1961 after the success achieved in tread rubber, MRF entered into the manufacture of tyres. MRF established a technical collaboration with the Mansfield tyre and rubber company of USA. Around the same time, it also becomes a public company. During the year 1963 India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone for the rubber research center at Chennai. In 1967 MRF became the first Indian company to export tyres to USA the v ery birthplace of tyre technology.

During the year 1970 to 1972 MRF opened its factory in kottayam, Goa and Arakkonam (chennai). In the year 1973 MRF scored a major breakthrough by being among the very first in India to manufacture and market nylon passenger tyres commercially. During the year 1980 MRF entered into a technical collaboration with the B.F.GOODRICH tyre company of USA. In period of 1989 MRF was the clear market leader in every tyre segment. Once again, in recognition of excellence MRF was awarded the visvesvaraya award for the best business house in south India. In the year 1990 MRF collaborated with Hasbro international USA, the world’s largest toy markers and launched funskool India. At the same year MRF World Series cricket tournament for the Jawaharlal Nehru trophy was sponsored by the company. In 1991 MRF also opened the MRF tyredrome, India’s first tyre company owned wheel care complex at Chennai, at the same period MRF brought the 6th world cup boxing championship to Mumbai the first of its kind with 39 countries participating. In 1992 K.M.MammenMapillai was awarded the Padmashri award of national recognition for his contribution to industry the only industrialist from south Indian to be accorded this honor until that time. In 1993 and 1995, the company was voted by the far eastern economic review, as one of the ten leading corporate groups in India and a leader Asia. During the same time MRF was selected as one of Indian’s most...
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