Mr. Z

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Black people Pages: 1 (464 words) Published: April 1, 2008
People always want to fit into society because they want to feel accepted. Every race tries to assimilate to the majority so they won’t stand out. For example, a man who is black and white doesn’t know what race to associate with. They don’t know which race to relate to because his skin might be too white or too dark. Because people try so hard, they use their culture and personality. This loss of individualism is depicted in “Mr. Z” by M. Carl Holman. This loss of individualism is portrayed in a person’s race. Some people suggest that differences in race are a sign of error. A white boy may tell a black boy that by being different it’s wrong and that he won’t suceed. These ideas come from the stereotypes society places on a certain groups. For instance, certain white people think that if a black man is running, he must’ve commited a crime. In their mind, he is either a theif or a murderer. Society robs people of opportunities because of these streotypes. They have to assimilate in order to achieve anything in life. This dissaproval from socitey makes Mr. Z try so hard to assimilate to the majority. One way he tries to asssimilate is by marrying a white woman. This woman has blue eyes and blond hair causing her to look like the stereotypical white woman. He causes her to lose her heritage since he wants to fit in so badly. “His bride had somewhere lost her Jewishness, / but kept her blue eyes: (3.2-3). Her features are still there but the connection to her culture is lost like Mr. Z’s. Mr. Z does everything he can so he will blend in and accepted. For example, he shunned everything related to his culture. He changed his diet, the way he dressed, and every other part of his personality. He becomes dull and he changes the way he talks so he won’t stand out. “An airborne plant, flourishing without roots” (4.2). He is a rootless man because he rejects anything African American. He is just sitting in society. He tries to be part of the white culture but his roots...
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