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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Wonders Of Design

Nick Lewis
Mrs. Laucella
English 9, Period 7
29 April 2013

Nick Lewis
Mrs. Laucella
English 9
29 April 2013
Designing The World
Graphics design has had an increase in numbers in its fame because there are many businesses and companies that require different types of designs. One can learn to do graphics by themselves or learn at a class or club. It depends on how one views their own creativity that will determine which type of company they would like to apply for. A graphics designer creates a graphic design that assembles a picture that can represent a wide variety of things. Graphics Design is very important in our culture because it is so needed by many companies. For example graphics design is used in, Movies, Ads , TV Cartoon shows, Video game trailers, etc. The industry of graphic design is a big impact for entertainment and advertisement in modern day culture.

Graphic designs have been used to combine beauty, technology, and art for many years. Graphic design work has been used since the people have used images and typography to show their ideas. Most graphic designers would sketch their ideas and their final draft would be placed with rubber cement and then be put on a illustration board for the print media to be put in newspapers. Computer technology has transformed the procedure on how graphic designers create their images. Today people can have great success in graphics design even if they cant draw with their hands. People are able to do their work more quickly and frequently because shape, size, and color are fairly easy to adjust with a computer source. Graphic design has been improving for many years and has increase from the artists’ work table more and more to a computer source instead.(Graphics design database)

The world of graphic design has changed since computer technology and there are many activities a graphic designer can create. Artists can create images for icons, programs buttons, files, and...
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