Mr Smith Goes to Washington

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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

In the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Jefferson Smith (played by Jimmy Stewart) is one of the main characters. He is a young, very well liked man. He is very well known for being the leader of the Boys Ranger group. Smith was sworn in to be a Junior Senator for his state because Hubert Hooper had chosen him for it. All of the other senators knew that Smith was not right for the job and that is why Joseph Paine and Jim Taylor were okay with him being senator because he had absolutely no idea what is going on. Jeff wants to build a boys camp for all the boys in the nation but what he does not know is that the place where he wants to put it is where Jim Taylor “plans” on building a dam, but really is grafting the property. Somewhere in the mist of Smith’s bill being checked over, his secretary tells him about the dam. Once he finds out, Taylor blackmails him and Smith is accused for what Taylor was actually doing. Clarissa Saunders (played by Jean Arthur), is Smith’s secretary. She helps Smith get used to the political life after he gets to Washington. Clarissa helps Smith write up the bill for the boy’s camp. She secretly falls in love with Smith while she works witj him. She is the one who tells Smith about the graft and that it was Jim Taylor who was doing it. Senator Joseph Harrison Paine (played by Claude Rains) is the other senator from Smith’s state. He has been a senator for 20 years. Paine was a friend of Clayton Smith who was Jeff’s father when they were in school. Jeff has always looked up to Paine and strives to be like him. Jeff was much honored to know that he would be able to work with Paine. Although in the beginning, Paine helped Jeff as much as he could, he got sucked into Jim Taylor’s graft, and had to do whatever he said or else his 20 years of being a senator would go down the drain. Even though the guilt of blaming Smith for everything ate Paine inside, he wanted to keep his job. Jim Taylor (played by Edward Arnold) is a very rich businessman and runs a very bad “political machine” through which he controls pretty much all of the politicians and most of the newspapers and other very large business. Taylor was the man who was getting money from the government to build a dam but did not. Instead, he took the money and used it for his own personal benefit. Jeff got blamed for what Taylor was actually doing.

The movie starts out with Senator Sam Fooley dying. Governor Hubert Hooper automatically has to find a new senator. Jim Taylor and Senator Joseph Harrison Paine have to make a decision fast because they need a new senator. While they’re making a decision on whom it will be, Governor Hubert Hooper is going insane. He needs to know who they chose so he can make the final decision on it. As Jim Taylor and Joe Paine are in the other room discussing, Hooper goes in and tells them that they had better hurry up because he cannot wait any longer. Taylor and Paine do hurry but they have to make sure that the guy they pick must not mention or ask any questions about the dam they are “planning” to build. The government has been collecting money for the dam from people for quite some time and has not even started to build it. As Paine and Taylor both know that the dam will not be built any time soon or at all, they know that if they just drop it that it will be a crime and they will be investigated for it. Joe Paine still thinks that is a bad idea to keep it going and he would really like to drop it as soon as possible but Jim Taylor will not let him, and talks him out of it. They wrap up the conversation and Taylor has decided that he wants Horris Miller as a candidate. Miller has been chosen because they know that if he is senator, he will do whatever they say and keep his mouth shut about anything that they want or need him to. Hooper does not like their decision at all, but as always does what Taylor tells him to and...
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