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1. What is Costco why is it successful with upscale shoppes? (Shahad 2. what could other retailers- both discount and full services retailers - learn from Costco? ( 3. assess Costco's strategy in terms of its product mix of 4,000 sku's and its key appeals? 4. what are the basic principles underlying Costco's merchandising strategy? (Hessa) 5. Costco spends very little on promotion efforts. how is it able to attract shoppers without greater expenditures? 6. Describe the ideal location and store format for new Costco stores. (Hamza) 7. In looking to the future, discuss the SWOT analysis of Costco shown in Figure 2 - from the perspective of both Costco and Sam's Club? (Omar)

What could your business in the US learn from Costco? Costco thrashes other retailers, not through competing on cost. (NASDAQ: COST) As an alternative, they present an extremely targeted and subsequently sophisticated shopping experience. Perhaps one of the main distinctions between Costco and other retailers is that the chain compensates fairly high earnings for trade. Luxury department stores can compensate high base earnings or high commissions since they can sustain big markups; however Costco's customers are more prices receptive. The huge benefits for Costco here are turnover, shrinkage, and public relations; however, these reasons do not look like sufficient to encourage other retailers to pay higher earnings. Costco's choice to retain minimum markups is as well rather unusual. Retailers utilize low prices to draw customers, hence Costco does get a competitive advantage from restrictive markups, and however the majority of stores will increase the costs on popular stuff to make up for other goods with weaker margins. If a supplier slashes prices and customers are still ready to shell out store prices, other stores might maintain their prices as before, however not Costco. Retailers in the US typically depend heavily on customers who utilize food stamps; however, Costco just begun acknowledging food stamps in 2009. This resolution offers more proof that Costco's clients are fairly well-off, since a lot of low end grocery stores could not have maintained their sales devoid of allowing food stamps. Costco's service offers are not restricted to gas stations, pharmacies, and auto services that big retail stores frequently offer. Costco currently offers house loans, by now sells insurance, and may offer student and car loans at some point. A lot of these financial and insurance services are sold through joint ventures with third parties; however, spotting them at a retail store is rather strange. Costco's financial and insurance offerings could assist it contend with Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), since even though Amazon offers same day delivery, it may not provide car insurance and mortgages. Costco has been condemned by several analysts for their soaring labor overheads For example,.2007-2008, Costco employees received an standard hourly rate of $17.25 contrary to $10.11 for Wal-Mart. Hourly employees get bonuses, and almost 90% are entitled to health insurance. A 401(k) retirement plan with business matching is accessible to workers following 90 days of service. Some 12% of its employees are unionized, and worker revenue is among the lowest at 17% per year. Due to low employee pilfering, Costco as well has a stock reduction rate of only 0.2 percent of sales.

Costco's consumers are connected to the company's accomplishment since they are offered complete power to make judgments and the liberty to make errors. Their main aim is to look for quality products at value costs. Consumers are able to get access to high-end dealers who basically would not handle discount merchandise.

Costco's profit margin is less than half of Wal-Mart’s, which could mean that Costco left some proceeds on the table, even though Amazon’s profit margin is even lower. Benefits and earnings may not be the basis for Costco's low profit margin, however. Amazon has...
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