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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Yes advertising creates artificial needs How often do you see the media pushing the new "latest and greatest" technology to hit the market, making us think we need to have that when there's nothing wrong with the old stuff we already are using? It happens all the time, be it about 3D television, new IPADs or smartphones, this advertising creates a need that really wouldn't exist if not for them pushing it on people. Fast food does the same thing, they promote their products to make us feel hungry and want their food even if we aren't. So yes absolutely advertising creates artificial needs, it is meant to make us want stuff we otherwise wouldn't so we'll spend our money on it. Posted By: Anonymous

Yes, advertising creates artificial needs. Yes, advertising creates artificial needs for a lot of people. People will see an advertisement or a commercial and want to purchase that product. The problem is that before these people see the advertisement they had no desire to go out and purchase that product or item. Watching advertisements can easily persuade people to go buy things that they really don't need. Posted By: Anonymous

Gotta Have It All Does everyone really need the newest car, the latest fashion and the most up-to-to date computer? Of course not. Advertising creates a need that wasn't there before someone saw the ad. A new smartphone, looking sleek and pretty on the big television screen, is considered a "must have" by cell phone aficionadoes. Yet the current model is probably good enough. In today's consumer-based society, commercials must create a need otherwise nothing sells and companies go out of business. Posted By: williambrowning

Challenge to a Debate
Did You Know You Needed It? Yes, advertising creates artificial needs! How many of us has seen an infomercial and just had to have the item and then used it about once after they got it? How many closets and drawers are filled with things we didn't know we needed until we saw it advertised?...
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