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Topics: Grammar, Gerund, Sentence Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: December 17, 2011
1) What is grammatically incorrect with the following sentence? What time are you two going to go out?
Choose one answer.

| |a) The infinitive “to go” should be split by an adverb. | | | |b) It ends with a preposition. | | | |C.)The phrasal verb “go out” is casual English and as such, it should only be used in speech, never in writing. | | | |d) There is nothing grammatically wrong with this sentence. | |

2) In the following sentence “running” is what part of speech? Running every day is great exercise!
Choose one answer.

| |a) a gerund | | | |b) a particle | | | |C.)a verb in the present progressive tense | | | |d) a verb in the perfect tense | |

3) Which of the following parts of speech should never be used to start a sentence? Choose one answer.

| |a) a pronoun without an antecedent | | | |b) a preposition | | | |C.)a subordinating conjunction such as “because” or “although” | | | |D.)Any part of speech can be used to start a sentence so long as the sentence has a subject and predicate and is appropriately structured | | | |...
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