Mr Rochester Interview "Jane Eyre

Topics: Jane Eyre, Marriage, Love Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: March 26, 2012
By Samir Mustavi
Class 10BT, Term 1, 2012

“Bigamy at its worst, blind man loses all, now to tell all.”

Good afternoon, my name Samir Mustavi, and I have come from the future to interview the great aristocrat of the once great Thornfield Hall, Mr Edward Fairfax Rochester. This man fought hard for love when he met his ward’s new governess, Jane Eyre, although having a few secrets of his own. Rochester attempted bigamy through attempting to marry Jane and leave his mentally deranged first wife, Bertha Mason at Thornfield.

After hearing of his deceit, she ran away from him suddenly and soon after, Bertha set fire to the great house before jumping off the roof and killing herself. But on the way to safety, Edward stumbled onto a great crash and became permanently blind with an amputated hand. Now, living with two servants in Ferndean, he requested that I come in to let him share his dreadful story to those around him.

Key: Me Mr Rochester

Here is Mr Rochester himself here to tell his long anticipated story of love…

Thank you Samir, it is a pleasure for someone to finally want to hear my side of my own story, oh how depressed I felt when I lost those who were important in my life. Now I am eager to tell you, and everyone around what really happened all this time ago…

So shall we begin this interview?

Yes sir, do go on…

OK then, so… Our audience would like to know how much you really loved your governess, Jane Eyre. So how did you feel with Jane Eyre by your side?

Well, words cannot describe how much I have grown to love Jane since she arrived at Thornfield. Although our first meeting was not a pleasant one, with Jane cursing me off my horse with a broken ankle, I have grown fond of her during her stay in Thornfield. In fact, so fond, I decided to live longer there to watch her teach Adele. One night, Jane saved me from a fire set in my bedroom by my deranged wife Bertha, and I owe her...
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