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NAME: __Muhammad Raza______________________________________________________________________________

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Please circle the correct answer. (4 Points Each)

1. The four components of a data warehouse are
a. Source processing, data design, data programming, data files b. Operational source systems, data staging, data presentation, data access tools c. Transaction coding, data development, data analysis, data reporting d. None of the above

2. ETL represents the process where
e. the data is sorted, indexed and standardized
f. the data is used by statistical and report writing software g. the data that is used by transactional and/or operational systems h. None of the above
3. The table in the data warehouse that contains detailed information and a primary key is called the i. Dimension
j. Fact table
k. Factless table
l. None of the above
4. The table in the data warehouse that contains foreign keys and quantitative/qualitative information is called the m. Dimension
n. Fact table
o. Factless table
p. None of the above
Match the characteristics to the component of a data warehouse

5. _____c___________ operational source systems
6. _____b___________ primary key
7. _____a___________ data staging
8. _____d___________ foreign key
9. _____g___________ composite key
10. _____e___________ data presentation
11. _____f___________ data access tools

q. this component is also called the ETL
r. a unique identifier
s. data is fed into the data warehouse from these systems t. a primary key in another table
u. users think that this area is the entire data warehouse v. users utilize these to create reports and generate trend analysis w. a series of keys which together make uniqueness

For the following questions, refer to the information provided below


Custno PKProdno PKCustno FK
LnameDescProdno FK

12. In the data warehouse above, the customer table is an example of a ____Dimensional Table___

13. In the data warehouse above, the Sales table is an example of a ________Fact Table____

14. Total_Sales is considered what kind of data __________Statistical______

15. Draw the dimensional design for this data warehouse using the three tables above.

Dimension TableProduct|
Prodno PKDescSKUSize|
Fact TableSales|
Custono FKProdno FKTotal_sales|
Custno PkLnameFnameAddress|

Practical Question: (40 points) DRUGIE Drugstore Detail Description

The DRUGIE drugstore has over 100 stores spread over five boroughs. Each store has a full line of drugs, toys, limited groceries (candy, sodas, potato chips etc), seasonal products (pumpkin lights, hanging witches, holiday lights, valentine angels, etc), greeting cards, cosmetics, shampoos/conditioners/hair products, body products (soaps, moisturizers, lotions etc.) shaving accessories/products, first aid products, and other various products. Each store stocks approximately 100,000 products. All products have a SKU, which identifies the product. The store and regional managers are interested in conducting an analysis to find out what products sell the most, what are their total sales for a particular day/month and what their net profit is.

1. List the four steps of design

Select business process
Declare the grain
Design your dimension
Design your fact table

2. Choose one business process other than personnel to work with

One of the business processes which this chain of stores is dealing with is; SELLING means tracking of transactions
BUYING means tracking of vendors/contracts
PRODUCTS means display items sellable to customers
INVENTORY means products in warehouse...
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