Mr Pip Llyod Jones

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Analyse how an important relationship helped you to understand ONE main character.

One of the most important relationships in a young girl’s life is the relationship with their mother. In the novel, Mr Pip, written by Lloyd Jones, we are shown the relationship between Matilda and her mother Dolores. Through this relationship, we as a reader are able to understand the character Dolores more thoroughly. By exploring the character Dolores and her relationship with Matilda, we as a reader will be able to understand the themes of blood being thicker than water and loyalty. We will do this by exploring their relationship in the beginning of the novel, the middle and the end, and see how it progresses the character of Dolores and her relationship with Matilda.

The relationship between Dolores and Matilda is introduced as being conflicted. As a reader it is very clear to us that Dolores is the superior in this relationship and that she is in charge. We are shown that Dolores is very protective of Matilda and disapproves of Matilda’s fascination with ‘Great Expectations’. “She didn’t want me to go deeper into another world”. This tells the reader that Dolores is afraid that Matilda is going to give into white culture and forget her roots, like her husband has seemed to do. We are giving insight into Dolores being closed minded and uneducated through her judgement of Great Expectations. “So he took his mother’s pork pie.” Johns shows the reader that Dolores cannot see beyond the theft and that she is not interested in learning more about what actually happened beneath the surface. When Dolores comes into school to teach the children about religion, Jones shows the reader that Matilda is embarrassed of her mother like most teenage girls are at Matilda’s age. This is shown when and Matilda “slide lower” into her desk. Jones also gives the reader insight into Dolores character, showing how powerful and intimating she is when she “leaned forward” and that “Mr Watts...
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