Mr Partha Bagchi Stammering Cure Centre Bangalore

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PARTHA BAGCHI (STAMMERING CURE CENTRE)-Is he taking advantage in the name of cure? Dear All,

I would like to share my experience at Stammering Cure Centre, Bangalore, India, a centre founded by Mr. Partha Bagchi who claims to cure stammering in two weeks (details of which you can find at ( . Before I start I would like to state in no way, I would like to demoralize all those people who attended this centre and believes to be completely cured, I am really happy for those people who have been able to cure themselves after attending his course, it is actually a manifestation that they have accepted their problem, changed their speaking style and controlled the flow of speech. However, I would like to raise some serious questions regarding his claim to cure stammering in two weeks and also the techniques that he uses in his claim for fluency. I attended his center sometimes back and although I practiced daily for few months as he advised, I still suffer from blocking problems and there is occasional fumbling of words, but I control it and this control I have learnt to use even before attending Stammering Cure Centre and it has been strengthened after I met a local speech therapist .Two of the persons who attended the centre and with whom I am in contact have lost faith in Mr. Bagchi’s techniques as they discovered 100 % cure are not possible, but yes they have accepted their problem and is trying to refine the art of controlling their speech. Let me make some points below (please note the statements which I have included within quotation marks “…….” are self made statements made by Mr. Bagchi in his website, his book ‘STAMMERING A SURE CURE’ and practice material book.

1) What exactly is cure and fluency? Before entering the room where there were 15-16 guys practicing with him, I had a one to one discussion with Mr. Bagchi in his office room where he told me that stammering is curable and asked me to remove all the debris from my mind. Curable in what sense? Is it a complete recovery and then speaking like a non-stutterer? The meaning of the word ‘‘CURE” looks ambiguous in this case. In my opinion the word curable is in fact not the right term that has been used, rather the term controllable should be used because even the end result of Mr. Bagchi’s training is to form a new style of speaking in the medium lengthening style which is the style Mr. Bagchi advised all participants to follow lifelong. I am very sorry to say that Mr.Bagchi has a very clever and guileful way of impressing upon his students, who come to attend his therapy, that stammering is curable. Slowing down the rate of speech to speak in the medium lengthening style is nothing but an act of controlling the speech. As far as I can understand 100 % cure is not possible and there is no known cure for this problem.

What fluency is Mr. Bagchi talking about? Mr. Bagchi states “Immediately join my course, then there is no power on the earth to stop you from speaking normally fluently and confidently’’ as if he wants to imply in 2 weeks time a stutterer will turn into a non stutterer and the use of the word ‘immediately’ is not appropriate at all .Here some might argue that Mr. Bagchi has advised to continue the practice for 8 months as overnight improvement is not possible. I agree but then why does he falsely advertise in his website using words like “ EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE to cure any type of stammering SURELY IN TWO WEEKS”(good way of drawing attention of people…)A perfect fluency is very hard to achieve, even today I cannot speak the way that my friends or any one of my family members speak. I agree that fluency is an expression of powerful and effective language, an expression of one’s ideas, thoughts in a clear manner and for stutterers ,it is the acceptance of his problem and his will power not to let this problem bottle up or inhibit his/her mode of communication and clear expression...
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