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Accountability on the Day of Judgment


 Surely We have created man, and We know the promptings of his heart, and We are nearer to him than even his jugular vein. Moreover, there are two scribes, one each sitting on the right and the left, recording everything. He utters not a word, but there is a vigilant watcher at hand. Lo, the agony of death has indeed come with the Truth. That is what you had sought to avoid. And then the Trumpet was blown. This is the day of the promised chastisement. Everyone has come, each attended by one who will drive him on, and another who will bear witness. You were heedless of this. Now We have removed your veil and so your vision today is sharp. [Qaaf 16-22] The most important events that will happen on the Day of Judgment are when we will be held accountable for our deeds and when we will be questioned by our Lord Allah (S.W.T.). There are many Quranic verses and ahadith that tell us about these events so that the believers will prepare themselves for this most important, final test. They can prepare for this test with their strong faiths and with their righteous deeds. Allah (S.W.T.) says [pic]

"Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turn away in heedlessness." ( Surat Al-'Anbia', Verse 1) Also, [pic]
"Verily, to Us will be their return: -Then verily, for Us will be their Reckoning." ( Surat Al-Ghashiah, Verses 25 and 26) And He says what could be translated as,
"Then surely, We shall question those (people) to whom it (the book) was sent and verily, We shall question the Messengers." ( Al-A'raf, 6 and 7) These verses and other ahadeeth that will be mentioned, state one of the events that will happen on the Judgment Day. What will happen on this day is called, “ Al-Hisaab ” which is when Allah (S.W.T.) will ask every person what they have done in their lives. There will be two different ways that Allah will hold people accountable for their deeds. • In the first way, Allah will quickly and easily skim through the people's deeds, and will allow them to enter paradise safely. Those who believe strongly with sincerity will enter paradise in this manner. • In the second way, Allah will discuss the people's deeds in depth and in detail, and will hold them accountable for each evil act they committed. Then Allah will send them away to the Hell Fire. These are the disbelievers, hypocrites, those who are weak in their faith, or those who are not sincere will enter the Hell Fire in this manner.

Allâh (S.W.T.) describes that Day in what could be translated as, [pic]
"The Day is approaching when every soul shall find itself confronted with whatever good it has done and whatever evil it has wrought. It will then wish there is a wide space between it and the Day! Allah warns you to beware of Him; He is most tender towards His servants." ( Surat Al-Imran, 30) Anyone who is questioned in depth and in detail will surely be tortured: Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that Ai'sha (R.A.) said that the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said: "Destroyed is the one who has his account settled on the Day of Resurrection” , Ai'sha said: "O messenger of Allah, didn't Allah say [pic]

"Then he who is given his records in his right hand soon will his account be taken by easy reckoning" ( Surat Al-Inshiqaq, Verses 7 and 8) The prophet (S.A.W.) replied: "This is the skimming through the deeds; and destroyed is the one who has his account settled on the Day of Judgment.” The good believer will have an easy reckoning and Allah (S.W.T.) will cover up his sins after He reminds him about them. Then he will forgive him from his sins, and allow him to enter paradise. This is concluded from a hadith reported by Imams Bukhari and Muslim in which the prophet (S.A.W.) said: "Allah will bring the believer very close and privately and ask him "Do you know this sin? Do you know that sin? The believers reply will be, “Yes Oh Lord,” until he is reminded about all of his sins, and he thinks he will...
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