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The Impact of Globalisation on Africa
Abdullah Al Saleh Philanthropist

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The Impact of Globalisation on Africa

Abdullah Al Saleh

Table of Content
Introduction Positive impacts of Globalization
Economic Opportunities Foreign Direct Investment

Negative impacts of Globalization
Culture Employment patterns Structural Adjustment Program (SAPs) Case Study Global Trade

Conclusion Bibliography

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The Impact of Globalisation on Africa

Abdullah Al Saleh

“Poverty is like a heat; you cannot see it; you can only feel it; so to know poverty you have to go through it.” (Oxford University Press: p.17)

appears to shrink geographical distance and time. In a world of near instantaneous communication, distance and time no longer seem to be major constraints on patterns of human organization and interaction (Held, McGraw, Goldbat and Perraton, 1999). Historically, at the 15th century was the first interaction of Africa to the rest of the world in particular Europe and America. Slavery trade was the first trade that Africa has experienced during the period of colonialism. It was at a time whereby the Europeans colonialism expansion throughout most parts of Africa controlling the continent politically and economically. It was during the era of colonialism, when the colonist countries decided at the conference in Berlin at 1884 to divide Africa among themselves and to become the pioneer controls and official rulers over African countries. Regardless of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and other considerations the division of Africa was done. Final stage of Africa interaction with the rest of the world in particular Europe was during the era of independence from colonial rule. Thereby, the results of over controlling led to integration in a certain level to the global system that finally ended up Africa to the position that it is today. The consequences are both positive and negative. Therefore, on a balance of probability, and taking

A poor man, Adaboya, Ghana

Globalization as a concept does not mean the same thing to everyone and it is not new to the world. Many Scholars believe that globalization falls into three phases: 18701914. 1945-1980 and from 1980 till now. However, that depends on how one defines and explains globalization. It was defined by Giddens (1990) as the “intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring miles away and vice versa”. This definition embodies some interrelated ideas, of “accelerating interdependence” (Ohmae, 1989), of “action at a distance” (Giddens, 1990) and of “time–space compression” (Harvey, 1989). ‘Accelerating interdependence’ is understood to be the growing intensity of international enmeshment among national economies and societies, such that developments in one country impacts directly on another country. ‘Time space compression’ refers to the manner in which globalization

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The Impact of Globalisation on Africa

Abdullah Al Saleh

into consideration consequences that are mentioned above the temptation to conclude on Africa is far more to be negative than anything else (Kwame, Y. (2009), p: 2). Africa is the second largest continent. It has a unique geographical position gives it a range of climatic conditions from Tropical to Subarctic or Temperate climates and a land area of about 30.2million km2 (11.7million square miles) more than three times the size of...
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